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Re: ibook troubles after dist-upgrade

Jeroen Roovers wrote:

> On 4 Jun 2003 at 12:31, Thomas Winischhofer wrote:
> <snip>
>> 4) XFree strangeness
>> Altough I use the same XF86Config-4 like before with Woody, X failed
>> to come up with sid. lspci revealed that the VGA adapter has PCI ID
>> 0:10.0, while my old XF86Config-4, which - as said - has worked over a
>> year, states 0:16.0. How is it possible that the PCI ID changed?!
>> (That's not a real problem, since I simply need to adapt my
>> XF86COnfig-4, but - coming from the x86 world - I'm somewhat
>> puzzled...)
> That's funny: 10 is hexadecimal for 16 decimal. lspci reports back hexadecimal PCI numbers, X needs a decimal number. It's actually in all the manuals. 8-)

I never dealt with PCI IDs above 9...

Hm, if that is the case, i wonder why X doesn't start. If fails with no devices found (using the ati driver)


Thomas Winischhofer
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