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Re: Firewire card supported by Linux?

Linux supports both OHCI and PCILynx cards, which I think are the only two
options.  However, I don't think the PCILynx driver has been maintained for a
while, so unless you have special needs you'd be better off with OHCI.  Almost
all currently manufactured cards use the OHCI standard - it's getting hard to
find PCILynx cards anymore.

I use a belkin OHCI card that is actually marketed for use on a Mac, but I use it in my PC. I think the Mac support is some Open Firmware that allows Mac OS booting, but Linux doesn't use it - maybe if someone worked at it you could figure out how to boot Linux on a Mac with it. It seems to work fine on my PC. It can provide a little bus power just plugged into the PCI slot, but because PCI doesn't provide that much power, it also has a 4-prong power connector like what disk drives have, and to get extra bus power you plug a disk driver power connector into it. I have no problems with power then.

What I suggest is that you ask to look at an actual card when you go to
purchase one, and select one that has that extra power connector.

Any firewire card that says it works with Windows should be OHCI, because Windows doesn't come with PCILynx drivers.

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