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Re: Is make-kpkg supposed to work on ppc ?

Sven Luther wrote:

Hello, ...

Yesterday, i tried to build a kernel-image ppc/pegasos package with
make-kpkg. The built went well, but no package was created and i didn't
see any particular message in the log that could explains this, in
particular, there was no error. So, is make-kpkg supposed to work on
ppc, has someone already used it sucessfully, and how do you tell it
which of the different kernel images you want in the package.


Sven Luther

I would try reading the ppc section in /usr/share/kernel-package/rules

Unless I'm very much mistaken the rules for finding the right image for an arch is written there :-)

For instance prep:
ifneq (,$(findstring $(KPKG_SUBARCH),PReP prep))
loader := NoLoader
kimage := zImage
target = $(kimage)
kimagesrc = $(shell if [ -d arch/$(KERNEL_ARCH)/boot/images ]; then \
       echo arch/$(KERNEL_ARCH)/boot/images/$(kimage).prep ; else \
       echo arch/$(KERNEL_ARCH)/boot/$(kimage) ; fi)
kimagedest = $(INT_IMAGE_DESTDIR)/vmlinuz-$(version)
DEBCONFIG = $(CONFDIR)/config.prep

Shouldn't be too difficult figuring out how to change that to acomodate a flying horse, eh? ;-)

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