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Re: Installation problems on StarMax

On Sun, Jun 01, 2003 at 02:10:47PM -0700, Thanasis Kinias wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm installing Woody on a StarMax 5000/300.  It's got an IDE HDD and
> SCSI CD-ROM and ZIP.  It will not boot from the CD-ROM drive, so I have
> to use floppies to install.  I've gotten as far as ``Make System
> Bootable''; unfortunately, after the installer puts Quik on the system,
> it is not bootable.

(Free) bootable CDs are not possible for OldWorlds.

> As I understand it, StarMaxes are considered NewWorld machines -- they
> should use Yaboot then, not Quik, right?  (I'm really not very familiar
> with PowerPC hardware, having only done one installation on an iMac
> before.)  There is no boot floppy for NewWorld that I can find, only a
> rescue.bin which is not bootable (shouldn't it be though?).  

No, they are OldWorld. NewWorlds don't have built-in floppy drives.

> I assume it is trying to install a useless Quik because I used the
> powermac instead of new-powermac, but I couldn't find another option.

The difference between those two is the kernel, not the machine type.
You can boot new-powermac on an OldWorld, but the kernel (2.4) is too
big for a floppy; you have to use BootX.

> If I am correct that this box needs Yaboot and not Quik, how do I get
> that installed?  ATM the box is not bootable except via floppy, and the
> only bootable floppy I has just dumps me right to the installation.

quik should work, but it often times has quirks. Do you get a boot: 
prompt? or a message from OpenFirmware? or does the kernel die after
being booted? You might just need to pass video=ofonly to the kernel
or something.

The install manual gives some key combinations to try in order
to boot into OpenFirmware and see what's going on.

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