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Re: Installation problems on StarMax

scripsit Chris Tillman:
> (Free) bootable CDs are not possible for OldWorlds.
> No, they are OldWorld. NewWorlds don't have built-in floppy drives.

OK, that makes sense.  Now that I've got the thing up /proc/cpuinfo
tells me it's OldWorld of course...

> quik should work, but it often times has quirks. Do you get a boot: 
> prompt? or a message from OpenFirmware? or does the kernel die after
> being booted? You might just need to pass video=ofonly to the kernel
> or something.

OK, well, quite a long time poring over penguinppc's Quik docs and those
at imaclinux.net got me to understand what I needed to do with quik and
nvsetenv to make the beast boot.  I didn't realize that the installer
doesn't set up the nvsetenv things... I would have thought it would
before offering to reboot.  All it was giving me was the Mac `floppy
disk with question mark' graphical screen until I got the nvsetenv stuff

The system seems to be working fairly normally now, provided I stick
with the 2.2 kernel.  When I boot the 2.4.20-powerpc kernel, I get an
immediate kernel panic.  (This is the stock apt-gotten Debian kernel.)
Looking through the debian-powerpc list archives this doesn't seem to be
a known issue.  Any suggestions?

Here's what I get, after the framebuffer stuff:

    Machine check in kernel mode.
    Caused by (from SRR1=49030): Transfer error ack signal
    Oops: machine check, sig: 7
    NIP: C024B830 XER: E000BE6F LR: C01288F8 SP: C0485EC0 REGS: c0485e10
        TRAP: 0200 Not tainted
    MSR: 00049030 EE: 1 PR: 0 FP: 0 ME: 1 IR/DR: 11
    TASK = c0484000[1] 'swapper' Last syscall: 120
    last math 00000000 last altivec 00000000

Pax vobiscum; pax cum omnibus.

Thanasis Kinias
tkinias at asu.edu
Doctoral Student, Department of History
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona, U.S.A.

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