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Re: Installation problems on StarMax

scripsit Nicholas Helps:
> Chris is right. They are oldworld and quik will work (at least on my
> 3000/180).  

Yes, Chris was quite right ;)

I got the beast working now and booting cleanly with the 2.4.20-powerpc
kernel from Sarge.  The key was the `video=ofonly' in the boot-file
parameter set with nvsetram...  It looks to be quite a nice little
workstation when running Sarge.

Unfortunately, discover prevents the thing from booting with the 2.4
kernel.  Removing discover solved the problem, but it had been causing a
hard lock-up on boot (although, strangely, no problems with the 2.2

If anyone is working with a similar box in the future and wants to
e-mail me, feel free... 

Pax vobiscum; pax cum omnibus.

Thanasis Kinias
tkinias at asu.edu
Doctoral Student, Department of History
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona, U.S.A.

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