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Re: ibook troubles after dist-upgrade

Am Don, 2003-06-05 um 11.17 schrieb Thomas Winischhofer:
> I solved the problem that /proc was not mounted.
> The reason is the file "keymap.sh" (part of console-common, version 
> 0.7.22), which in the subroutine reset_kernel() in a loop
> - mounts -n /proc
> - executes sysctl
> - and then umounts -n /proc
> with the result, that
> - the first mount outputs "/proc is already mounted" and
> - the umount unmounts /proc
> I commented these two lines (25 and 27) and now this works.
I had the same problem. i noticed, that when booting with init=/bin/sh
mount reports /proc already mounted, which seems very strange to me.

I then deleted /etc/mtab (don't forget to sync!) and now everything
works fine. So there must have been somthing wrong with /etc/mtab, that
confused mount.

- gaudenz

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