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Re: 3 button emulation 4.0.1 debs and potato 4.? mach64 server ? [ fonts packages] [ xfontsel] [ GeForce2 divers for XFree86 4.x/Debian] [ future of xlibs question] [ XFree 4.01 phase 2 version 18] [ [ fonts packages]] [ [ future of xlibs question]] [ [ xlibmesa3 deb]] [ [ XFree86 4.01 status]] [ XFree86 4.01] [Bug]: xfonts-base: font conflicts [ X11] [ xlibmesa3 deb] Re: [debian-x] A small question Re: [debian-x] Hardware GL with a G400 [ XFree86 4.01 status] [ Re: Bugreport Xfree 4.0.1c] [ re. xserver-common 4.0.1] [harri@synopsys.COM: Re: XFree86 4.x Phase 2 is ready] [HOWTO] Downgrade from 4.0.1-0 to 3.3.6 [ status XFree86 v4.0.1 Debian package?] [ xlib6g in debian] [ xfree86 4.0.1 on potato] [ Can't get xfree86-4.0.1 to build on potato] [ You XF4.01 Phase2 packages] [ Re: Bug#75875: NOT all is fixed xserver-common: xfree86-1 does not compile] [ 4.0.1 patch phase2v20] [ about s3virge server] [ XFree4] [ xfree 4.0.1 via apt] [PATCH] fbdev fixes [ xfree 4.0.1 deb files] [ XFree 4.0.1 debian packages] [ XFree 4.0 on Potato] [ XFree86 just segfaults] Re: [Xpert] Re: Possible show stopper in libXaw another app killed ATI Rage 128 RG backing store, and documentation bash-isms in X4 phase2v20 Makefile ... broken DRI on phase2v12 and "fix" Re: Bug#74716: gnome-panel: several panel applets segfault under repeatable conditions Bugreport Xfree 4.0.1c building phase2 v18 debs on potato config file problems? Congrats/Thanks, and a question...? Re: could not open default font could not open default font 'fixed' debian large fonts anti-aliasing dexter dexter && dialog dexter and devfs Dexter feedback Re: dexter making assumptions about font server (and screen resol ution) dexter making assumptions about font server (and screen resolution) dexter wishlist item dexter, mouse port dexter, phase2v17 DGA extension... DGA? dialog needed does xserver-common 4.0 support 3DLabs/GLINT/Permedia DRI problem with Voodoo3 and quake 3 Error during start X with i810 VGA card. :( Exclusion of Glide packages in non-x86 ports Re: font issues in X4 freefont and sharefont packages glyph caching mode (Re: Place of X RESOURCE files (xfree86_4.0.1)) gv doesn't work with X4 Hardware GL with a G400 HasGlide needs to be disabled for the Hurd How do you want non-i386 handled in dexter? (+ mouse types) how to deal with nvidia driver/libs Hungarian keyboard layout Hurd support patches I am a stupid idiot for posting a FAQ, but... Re: i815 patch to 3.3.6 imlib brokenness? libX11 is borked (or is it glibc ?) Links to non-existing files in xlibs-dev? Matrox driver devlopment Misdetection of Voodoo3? More sparc xf4 files... Mouse stopped working - xlibs 4.0.1-0phase2v22 or wmaker 0.62.1-0.1 ? Re: Need help with strange ldd output Need libpaperg in Build-Depends ? new MANIFEST.sparc Note about sparc... NVdriver User Support List nvidia kernel module and GLX occured problems on fresh 2v18 install off-topic: howto build x4-debs for potato OpenGL & G400 OT: [ [ future of xlibs question]] Packages.gz @ woody/i386 Re: phase2v12, 2.4-test9-pre7 and DRI again. phase2v13 problems phase2v21 Place of X RESOURCE files (xfree86_4.0.1) postinst fails Re: potato X and i810 problem building 4.0.1d xf86cfg on SPARC problems building branden's debs on potato Problems with Xnest in phase2 v12 and v13 Processed: not release critical Question about dexter Questions about r128 server release critical != important (was: Re: Bug#72135: not release critical rendition support in dexter sawfish-capplet and Nvidia's driver sessreg not included in xbase-clients 4.0.1-0phase2v13 Re: A small question Some more Hurd files (*.files.hurd-i386) SPARC patch set strange looking fonts. Suggestion TERM=vt100 for lynx in rules ? third set of Hurd fixes, and libOSMesa problem Trouble with DRI on G200 TrueType fonts without xfstt Unidentified subject! Updated Debian XFree86 4.x mini-FAQ and status report Voodoo 5 (tdfx) at 24 bpp and dexter VSZ memory of X whoops on my last question X segfaults on configure X server crash with big endian displays Re: x-terminal-emulator X4 xserver-xfree86 dependency information X4, thinkpad 600x and odd font rendering XF4 - small dexter(?) bug xf86cfg completely broken in v21?! xfonts-* should depend on xutils XFree86 4.0 XFree86 4.0.1 and libGLU status update xfree86 4.0.1 phase2 v29 debs for debian 2.2 potato Xfree86 4.0.1-0phase2v Xfree86 4.0.1-phase2v17 debs available for SPARC/UltraSPARC XFree86 4.0.x test notes xfree86_4.0.1-0phase2v18 use static libz xhost wierdness xinerama gone? xinerama not working XKB keymap xlibs 4.0.1 phase2v20 --> phase2v21 upgrade glitch Re: xlibs 4.0.1-0phase2v13 break xawtv xlibs 40.1-0phase2v13 break xawtv xmessage xserver-common phase2v15: dexter does not list /dev/gpmdata xserver-common should depend on dialog? xserver-xfree86.files.sparc xterm problem: some keys only work with ctrl-v! XtMakeGeometry errors resolved XtMakeGeometry errors resolved [UPDATE] The last update was on 10:44 GMT Sun May 12. There are 385 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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