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occured problems on fresh 2v18 install

... in case that they weren't reportet yet:

1. /etc/X11/Xsession wasn't executable and thus the gnome display manager
   (GDM) failed. Don't know which package to blame.

2. When starting xf86cfg and clicking on the top bar or on monitor->configure
   the program crashes. If I start a xterm on another text console and then
   start xf86cfg from there (already running X) I can see an Xt error message
   (forgot the exact phrase)

3. My german umlauts äöüß are gone. I used the same .xmodmap but although
   I had "/" mapped allright on the right control key, the umlauts produced
   no char at all.

4. Configuring german keyboard layout with xf86cfg yields to no effect (I
   restarted X, of course)
5. There was a missing dependency to xutils and thus mkfontdir could not
   be found.

Ok, good work else, I'm downgrading to 3.3.x and wait for the next snapshots
(or can anybody help me with the umlauts?)


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