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Re: OpenGL & G400

"Thomas E. Vaughan" wrote:

> For the latest debs I need to use at least 2.4.0-test9 for
> hardware-accelerated OpenGL, and it only works with the stock XF4 mga 2D
> driver (instead of the binary driver from Matrox).  Also, I am using 16
> bpp, but I have seen reports that you can get it to work with 24 bpp if you
> tell it to use 32 bpp internally.

Now, this explains a lot! I didn't try this combination eariler. I was
to get hardware acceleration, but only as the root user. 
This is strange because I have
Section "DRI"
	Mode  0666
section in my XF86Config-4 file.

> Right.  This is why I was unable to use the binary driver from Matrox.  Try
> using the stock driver that comes with the debs.  Unfortunately, however, I
> am guessing that you won't be able to do dual-head in that case.

I guess that I'll switch to Matrox driver to use the dual head
and wait until they catch up with the newer DRM in the kernel. I don't
time to play games anymore :). But it's nice to know that Linux can run

Thanks a lot for your help.


Rafal Krzewski
Senior Internet Developer
+48 22 8534830 http://e-point.pl

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