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Re: dexter making assumptions about font server (and screen resolution)

Branden Robinson wrote:

> >     FontPath        "unix/:7100"             # local font server 
> Yes.  Read the next line as well.
> > X refused to start. The screen went blank and then nothing happened.
> > Commenting out the FontPath line above made it work again.
> I seriously doubt this.  If the font server isn't running and there are
> other font path elements defined, the X server will try to use them.

Yes, that's how I thought it would work, which is one of the reasons I
thought the error was somewhere else. What can I say? I started with a
basic, dexter-generated XF86Config-4. X hung. After trying several
other things first I removed that line. X worked. I put the line back.
X hung. And so on. Ok, so I jumped to conclusions.

Since then I've repeated the above experiment with the same result.
I've also tried putting the line back and installing the font server.
X worked (once I remembered to actually start the font server). But I
also tried it without the font server, but with kernel version 2.2.17
instead of 2.4.0-test9, and with that setup X also worked.

I'm no longer sure what to believe. I'm not aware of any major
differences in configuration between the two kernels. (Some pathetic
testing with tcplisten/tcpconnect yielded the same result on both.)

> Ah, you mean something that which already exists as the "medium" option in
> the monitor configuration section?

Exactly. I couldn't find any setting that affected the Modes line in
the Screen section, and I didn't realize there were other ways to
affect the screen resolution. I'm sorry, I made a foolish assumption.
I plead insanity. Or incompetence. (Judging by your comments I should
have an iron-clad case either way.)

Torbjörn Andersson

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