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Re: occured problems on fresh 2v18 install

Christian, I ran into some of these problems. 

> 2. When starting xf86cfg and clicking on the top bar or on monitor->configure
>    the program crashes. If I start a xterm on another text console and then
>    start xf86cfg from there (already running X) I can see an Xt error message
>    (forgot the exact phrase)

I found a solution to the Xt errors with xf86cfg. I just copied
libXt.so.6.0 from Xbin.tgz that I downloaded from xfree86.org over
debian's library. (See previous posts about that problem) That problem
still exists.

> 3. My german umlauts äöüß are gone. I used the same .xmodmap but although
>    I had "/" mapped allright on the right control key, the umlauts produced
>    no char at all.
> 4. Configuring german keyboard layout with xf86cfg yields to no effect (I
>    restarted X, of course)

Have ya tried xf86config to configure the keyboard? I also find that
xkeycaps works quite well. (I switch keyboard layouts by using the gnome
keyboard applet).
> 5. There was a missing dependency to xutils and thus mkfontdir could not
>    be found.

Yeah, I found that in xfonts-base or xserver-common (I forget which one).

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