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Re: dexter, mouse port

I think I'm going to like dexter as well. I do have a couple of "wish
list" recommendations with it while fully acknowledging that it is brand
spanking new. Kudos to Branden for doing such a bangup job. I'd also
like to mention my appreciation for his sometimes crass sense of humor,
like having us type, "I obey." when we install/upgrade the beta 4.0.1

1)The main thing I ran into has to do with my usb mouse. The dexter script
offers /dev/usbmouse to handle the usb mouse under X but, per
documentation at: http://www.linux-usb.org/USB-guide/book1.html I have
had my USB mouse configured and set in my XF86Config to /dev/input/mice.
I haven't had a chance to fix things after I upgraded to the latest beta
last night but this momentarily has prevented me from getting X to work at
home. While I bring this up, I haven't played with linux USB shite for
any length of time and I might just be incredibly dense. ;-j

2)I'd love to see dexter offer a 60hz option for 1600x1200 as that's
what I run my monitor at. Many other resolutions have the 60hz option
already in dexter. This is not some pressing necessity, obviously, but I
bet a number of users are like me and settle for a minimal refresh rate
in order to get the higher resolution. I know, this is a petty
recommendation but it might affect enough people to be considered

* Florian Friesdorf (42ff@gmx.net) [001011 18:44] wrote:
> Hi,
> I think I'm going to like dexter,
> but at the moment it's missing /dev/gpmdata in the mouse port selection menu.
> -ff
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