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4.0.1 debs and potato

Dear debian-xers,

Thanks to Branden's debs I have the phase2 4.0.1 v15 debs running very
smoothly at home on woody on a GeForce 2 MX machine with the NVidia

I'm getting a work machine now with a GeForce 2 GTS 64MB and am obviously
putting debian on it, but I'd really prefer running potato with the 4.0.1
phase 2 debs, seeing that the work machine is supposed to be a stablish
work station.  I've tried building the 4.0.1 phase 2 debs from source on
potato before, but there are some built in dependencies (for instance on
later versions of glibc) which indicate that this is not such a wonderful

Does anyone have any other experience with this, or other recommendations
perhaps?  What is the general feeling about potato + 4.0.1?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


charl p. botha
delft university of technology
faculty of information technology and systems
computer graphics and cad/cam group
zuidplantsoen 4, room 2.339, 2628 bz delft, the netherlands
tel: +31 15 278 4698 fax: +31 15 278 7141
mailto:c.p.botha@its.tudelft.nl http://cpbotha.net/

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