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Re: XtMakeGeometry errors resolved

Derek J Witt writes:

> Hi, all. I figured out a way to resolve the "parent not composite" errors
> I've been getting from the xaw packages. I tried running apt-get to
> install X from the phase2 debbies. Of course,  I started getting the
> error.
> But, I then downloaded the Linux-ix86-glibc21 tar files from
> ftp.xfre86.org. After overwriting the debianized X with the tar files (via
> Xinstall.sh), I no longer get the errors. All debian config files are
> preserved and working like a charm. Now, the xaw libraries are behaving
> just fine.

Um, are these just out of date binaries? What is the status of the
actual code in CVS?

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