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Misdetection of Voodoo3?

Pardon my ignorance/non-developerness, but I can't seem to understand why
I'm seeing this in my /var/log/XFree86.0.log file:

(EE) TDFX(0): DRI requires Voodoo3 or later, disabling DRI.

I have a VooDoo3 2000 PCI card.  My XFree86.0.log, XFree86 conf file, and
dmesg files are available at http://ingainesville.com/~bwindle/XF4

Thank you so much for making Debian the best distro!

Burton Windle				burton@fint.org
Linux: the "grim reaper of innocent orphaned children."
          from /usr/src/linux/init/main.c:1384

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