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Xfree86 4.0.1-phase2v17 debs available for SPARC/UltraSPARC

I've finally got these compiled for Sparc. I haven't sent my patches to
Branden yet, but will soon. This is in the middle of uploading. Check the
.changes to make sure everything is there that you need. Yes, I built the
_all.deb packages too, but that's just to avoid version mismatches with
branden's stuff until I can get the patches to him, so he can put that
ultrasparc to use and start doing builds himself :)

A few caveats:

* The ATI (Mach64) driver does not work. It wont crash your machine, but
  it wont properly detect your card either, so it just wont work.
* The fbdev driver also does not work

The SBUS drivers seem to work. I am running an Ultra30 dual head with a
Creator 3D and an ELite 3D card installed. Works perfectly. When you setup
your mouse, either use /dev/gpmdata (if you use gpm), or use
/dev/sunmouse. No longer are SBUS cards held down by the obsolete Xsun
servers and using the event driven proprietary mouse protocol. We now use
XF86Config just like everyone else, with full integration! DRI appears to
be working with the sunffb (Creator/Elite driver), if you have compiled
DRI support for it under a recent 2.4.0test kernel (I'm using test9 from
vger CVS). Quake-GL doesn't look right using glx though (lots of red), but
I'm not a GLX expert.

As for the keyboard. It sets up to use type5, edit /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 if
you need a type# different than that, or a ps/2 (pc104) keyboard.

A few warnings before I give out the URL:

1) DO NOT send bug reports directly to me or Branden (the Debian X
   maintainer). If you are lucky, it will simply get forwarded to a list.
   If you catch one of us on a bad day... To put it simply, most questions
   are in Branden's FAQ, or can be answered by ppl on the list who aren't
   as busy.
2) If you have SPARC specific questions, email to debian-sparc (or atleast
   Cc to it, and email debian-x, which I prefer). Not all sparc folks are
   on debian-x, so you might get some useless i386-centric reply if you
   don't follow this warning.
3) DO NOT email the debian-sparc list about X-only related questions ("why
   does my program not compile against XF4?")
4) The dexter script (X setup) with these deb's is modified slightly from
   Branden's so it would list sunmouse and the Sun video driver modules.
   Do not email Branden if this is broken. Just chalk it up to bad
   luck/coding on my part, and try to fix things by hand. This is very
   beta packaging (which is why it isn't in woody).

Now that you have read the warnings and caveats, you can scroll way down
and get the URL. No this is not an apt'able setup. Figure out the dep's
and stuff by hand, make good use of dpkg --force-depends to remove old
packages so these can be installed, etc...(don't blame me. if this scares
you, then don't use the packages, or setup an apt thingie of your own).
Most importantly, if you screw up your system because you didn't know what
you were doing, don't blame me :)

Please let me know of success/failures concerning tgx/leo/cg3/cg6/cg14/bw2


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