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Re: dexter making assumptions about font server (and screen resolution)

On Sun, Oct 22, 2000 at 03:45:41PM +0200, Torbjörn Andersson wrote:
> Dexter seems to assume that I am running a local font server, which
> I'm not.

It doesn't assume you do, it assumes you CAN, which is true.

> The problem is that as long as my XF86Config-4 contained the
> line
>     FontPath        "unix/:7100"             # local font server 

Yes.  Read the next line as well.

> X refused to start. The screen went blank and then nothing happened.
> Commenting out the FontPath line above made it work again.

I seriously doubt this.  If the font server isn't running and there are
other font path elements defined, the X server will try to use them.

> While I view the output from dexter as friendly advice, rather than a
> final decision, this was by no means obvious to me. Perhaps it should
> have been, but... The last line in my /var/log/XFree86.0.log was
>     (II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Generic Mouse" (type: MOUSE)
> which had me barking up the wrong tree since I thought it meant there
> was something wrong with the mouse configuration.

If you think input device drivers and mice have anything to do with fonts,
then you're probably in need of more help than I or dexter can give you.

> This happens both in phase2v17 and phase2v20. (I know this because at
> first I thought it was a problem with the CVS snapshot that v20 is
> based on, so I reverted back to v17 only to find that it still didn't
> work. Had me worried for a while there, I can tell you.)

Dexter is icing.  You don't need it at all.  You're perfectly free to write
your own XF86Config{-4} file from scratch.

If you don't like what Dexter does, abort it when it runs and write your
own XF86Config file.

> (I know this isn't a support list, but is there any reason I should
> have a font server installed, considering that my computer isn't
> connected to any network whatsoever?)

Yes.  The X server won't hang all your clients while rasterizing a font.

> I don't know what the future plans for Dexter are, but it would be
> nice if it would let me choose maximum screen resolution since the
> default behaviour apparently is to give me 1920x1440 which is far too
> much for my taste. Maybe something as simple as this would work...

Ah, you mean something that which already exists as the "medium" option in
the monitor configuration section?

> But apart from these problems, Xnest crashing, and some DRI-related issues
> (which I shouldn't bring up here anyway), X has been working flawlessly. My
> thanks to the XFree86 team, Branden, and whoever else is making this
> possible.

I appreciate your thanks, but your criticism would be more constructive if
it were better informed.

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