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Re: [branden@deadbeast.net: [bequw@stanford.edu: future of xlibs question]]

> Brian, please do not bother Branden directly, he gets too much of that
> already. BTW, what happened to "I obey."?

Why would anyone read that message?  It's a full page of all-caps
shouting.  It looks just like a EULA, and who reads those?  Something
like this would probably work better...

	- I recognize that these are development packages, and will MOST
	  LIKELY have major problems.
	- If I encounter problems, I will email debian-x@lists.debian.org,
	  NOT Branden.

	Type "I agree." if you agree, or control-D if you don't:

> [GLU] is currently the only C++ file in the whole
> distribution, and they are trying to find some nice way for it to be
> handled in their current build system for all their platforms. I don't
> envy them their work.

Pardon my ignorance, but can't they just re-write it in C?  It
seems a shame to introduce a dependency on C++ in something that
is 99.9% C.

	- Scott

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