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Re: release critical != important (was: Re: Bug#72135: not release critical

On Tue, Oct 17, 2000 at 10:56:51PM -0700, Steve Bowman wrote:
> I was only asking about 3.3.6 wrt support of older cards, not necessarily
> about porting to hurd.  I have two Diamond Stealth Edge 3D's (NV1)
> which are only about 4 years old.  X has a long history of supporting
> just about all the video hw you'd run across.  However, it appears 4.x
> will drop support for large numbers of the older cards.  As I browse
> http://xfree.org/4.0.1/Status.html, I see lots of older cards by Number
> Nine, Oak, S3, Weitek, etc. that are not supported in 4.0.1.  Are we
> just going to tell everyone that wants to run Debian they have to have
> new video h/w or they can't run X?  Or do I misunderstand the plans for
> 3.3.6 in Debian?  That's all I was asking.

Well, for one thing, the Number Nine cards are now supported in 4.x CVS,
and recent phase2 packages contain this support.

As far as my plans for 3.3.6 in woody go, please see

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