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re: XtMakeGeometry errors resolved [UPDATE]

> On Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 05:53:29PM -0500, Derek J Witt wrote:
> > Hi, all. I figured out a way to resolve the "parent not composite" errors
> > I've been getting from the xaw packages. I tried running apt-get to
> > install X from the phase2 debbies. Of course,  I started getting the
> > error.

> I talked to Keith Packard about this at ALS.

> He says this is definitely a specification violation.  It may be that
> Athena can be recoded to fix it, however, as I understand it, since most
> programs don't subclass the Athena widgets.

and unfortunately not only anthena programms suffer, ie. netscape breaks
(try dragging a link from one netscape window to another, normaly the
would be opend in the new window but now netscape just quits..
- it doesn´t show the message, but a strace shows that it tried to
display the 
error message)

i guess the most programms which trigger XtMakeGeometry errors like gv,
could fixed (easyly or not..) but for netscape i wouldn't hold breath :(

-- Jens Hoffmann

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