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Re: Bug#74716: gnome-panel: several panel applets segfault under repeatable conditions

>>>> "i" == idalton  <idalton@ferret.phonewave.net> writes:

i> Package: gnome-panel
i> Version:
i> Severity: normal

i> I'm running a dual-head non-xinerama X configuration, so I have two
i> displays managed, :0.0 and :0.1. I'm testing out Enlignenment, which
i> supports gnome integration and manages both displays. I'm loading the
i> panel manually on each display by opening an xterm and running 
i> 'panel &'. It's happening on both the Woody gmone packages and the Helix
i> gnome packages.

i> Display :0.0 is running in 16bpp with TrueColor visual.
i> Display :0.1 is running in 8bpp with StaticGrey visual.

i> So far both the desk guide and the tasklist applets have exhibited the
i> segmentation faults.

i> After a panel is running on each display, load the affected applet onto
i> each panel if it isn't already loaded. Now bring up the preferences
i> dialog for the applet on each display. On my system, the applet on :0.1
i> always catches a segmentation fault.

i> Hopefully anyone else who uses gnome and X in a similar configuration
i> could test this.

Who ?

i> Can you forward this bug report to debian-x@lists.debian.org if you
i> think it appropriate?

I like bug report like this one. Helix package and xlib6g 4.0


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