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Re: Voodoo 5 (tdfx) at 24 bpp and dexter

On Thu, Oct 19, 2000 at 02:45:39PM -0400, Joe Drew wrote:
> I've got a Voodoo 5, and dexter defaults to 24 bpp for the tdfx driver,
> which doesn't agree with the driver (I don't think it properly supports
> anything but 16 bpp at the moment) so I get pretty much nothing but garbage
> until I change DefaultDepth to 16 rather than 24. I think this might be
> a reasonable default, at least for tdfx.
> Also, somewhat off-topic: Has 3dfx sync'ed their trees for XF86 (ie: the
> X server on linux.3dfx.com) with the Xfree4 tree? I notice some jittering
> in 3d games, etc, and lack of performance, which isn't present in their
> XFCOM server.

It does support 24 bit color depth if your resolution is low enough.  This
appears to be a bug in the tdfx driver.  IIRC I had to get down to 1152x864
before 24-bit would work on my Voodoo3 3000 PCI.

Some combination of high resolution + depth gets things into a confused
state.  I get a corrupt screen even at 16-bit depth if I push the card up
to really ridiculous resolutions (1920x1440 or something).  I won't
speculate on the possible causes of this so as to avoid sounding like a
complete idiot.

While I'm pestering Daryll in his inbox, there have been widespread reports
(which I can personally confirm) of occasional VGA text font corruption
upon switching away to a console VC from X when using the tdfx driver.
Pieces of glyphs go missing.  Perhaps something needs to wait longer before
switching back to text mode?  Note that this doesn't happen every single
time (or perhaps it is simply hitting unusual characters that don't happen
to be on the screen), but if you switch back and forth half a dozen times
with something more than getty on the VC, you should be able to see

Please let me know what I can do to help test fixes for these problems, I
have a Voodoo3 3000 PCI here at work and a 2000 PCI at home.

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