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Re: Updated Debian XFree86 4.x mini-FAQ and status report

>   * Stop complaining about the size of these experimental packages,
>     particularly xlibs-dev; they contain everything that they are supposed
>     to per Debian policy, and will get much smaller when I do the official
>     release because I will be stripping them.  I am presently not stripping
>     these packages because I am hoping some enterprising users might be
>     willing to help track down bugs by providing backtraces.  (In any case,
>     the gargantuan xlibs-dev package is not even necessary unless you're
>     compiling X clients -- but keep in mind that you MUST NOT compile
>     official Debian packages against these libraries until XFree86 4.x
>     .debs are officially released.)

 If what you ask are just stack traces, you could compile the code with -g1
instead of -g (you lose line numbers though). You could also compile some
things with -g and other with -g1...

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