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Re: Misdetection of Voodoo3?


kernel seems recent to me ;-).

Did you enable AGP support in the kernel for your chipset (I know there
is no agp on 3dfx, anyway)? Did you compile the 3dfx module from the dri
sources tree ? Or did you use that from the kernel ? Which XF4.01 do you
use ? Brandens *.debs or the cvs sources compiled for you from
dri.sourceforge.net ?

I had lots of luck by using the kernel modules for the graphics adapter
from the dri.sourceforge.net cvs. But since I use the cvs sources that
should be the way to go. Sometimes the drm from the kernel is not in
sync with a)early releases of XF4.01 (like brandens) or b) the cvs stuff
from the dri project.

So what I do is I get the sources from dri.sourceforge.net build the
kernel module from
with make -f Makefile.linux.

I might recall that there are two different drm versions (1. and 2.)
which might not be functioning together. So what XF4.01 version are you
using ? MAybe your kernel is to "new" in terms of DRI/DRM code.


hope that helped a bit. Sorry if I overlooked critical information
supplied by you.....



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