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why not splitting the xfree86-server package, so that the drm/dri stuff 
is in an extra package and can be compiled before installing. Dri
modules have to be 
compiled with the corresponding drm version, which is provided by the
I have kernel 2.4.0test6 and the X binarys forbid me to use dri. 
I tried to compile (apt-get source xlib6g(or what ever) --compile)
X by myself, but this failed because of missing glide librarys. I dont
see the reason why 
one would have to recompile whole X only to get DRI working. So one
possible solution 
would be, that there is a 
default DRI package, available also in binary version and compiled for
the current debian 
kernel, or to let the user choose, during install of the binarypackage
to get and compile 
and install the source package. This could be done after a test for the
kernel version. 

Also very interresting, the mesa package (xlibmesa3) must also be
"compileable" whitout 
compiling the whole X.

Maybe this causes the need for a virtual package which containts a
script that interactivly generates
the right configfiles and installs them in the source directoy of X
parts( like mesa, dri ...).
This package contains debian specific config file
templates  ("xc/config/.../host.def" ... etc) and  
perl script may ask    you quesations like "Do you have a < ...> card
?"  "Should <...> be activated ?" etc
very simple and basic. 

Just a suggestion,

	regards Sven Heyll

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