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Re: Trouble with DRI on G200

* David Engel <dlengel@home.com> [001006 08:08]:
> I'm trying to get DRI working on my Matrox G200 and not having much
> luck.  Most of this is probably due to my ignorance of Linux 3d
> support, but since it involves Debian specific changes to X, I thought
> I'd ask here first.

Well, I found it difficult to make work as well. It wasn't quite easy.

I do not claim to know how it all works; I will give you my best
understanding of the situation.

DRI requires some help from the kernel that exists only in the 2.4
series. (And the 2.3, but who wants to run that now? :) To get my
G400Max working, I had to load kernel modules agpgart and mga. At that
point, using the Matrox driver seemed to make most things go. (q3a
crashes after several minutes of play, UT doesn't even run, but the
screensavers seemed accelerated.. :)

> FYI, another partly related problem I've run into is that the mesag3
> package contains libGL and libGLU but the xlibmesa3 package only
> contains libGL.  What package is supposed to provide libGLU when
> xlibmesa3 is used?

As for libGLU, this has been hashed out many times in the past on this
list. The short answer is, it isn't yet provided by the xf86 source, and
until they provide it, branden has suggested a work around. It seemed
like too much work to me, so I figured I would wait. :) Check the
archives, they will have his suggestion.


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