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Re: I am a stupid idiot for posting a FAQ, but...

On Mon, Oct 30, 2000 at 06:43:56PM -0800, Seth Arnold wrote:
> * Buddha Buck <bmbuck@14850.com> [001030 18:39]:
> > The bright ones here will be saying "Oh gods, he's going to ask about 
> > libGLU, isn't he?"
> What I *REALLY* want to know is why KDE (including konqueror) worked
> fine for several days! For a short time it didn't require libGLU? For a
> short time Branden supplied libGLU? I don't know. Both answers worry me.

I think it's because Ivan E. Moore turned off GL support in some of the KDE
libs for a while.  And of course Konqueror is linked against the KDE

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