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Re: [branden@deadbeast.net: [bequw@stanford.edu: future of xlibs question]]

On 2000-10-25, Scott Bronson <bronson@trestle.com> wrote:
> Why would anyone read that message?  It's a full page of all-caps
> shouting.  It looks just like a EULA, and who reads those?  Something
> like this would probably work better...

> 	- I recognize that these are development packages, and will MOST
> 	  LIKELY have major problems.
> 	- If I encounter problems, I will email debian-x@lists.debian.org,
> 	  NOT Branden.

> 	Type "I agree." if you agree, or control-D if you don't:
Why not hide what the user is to type inside the other enumeration
points? Something like:

- If you think that you can live with this, you may type 'I obey and
  shall never, ever email Branden with regards to this package.' at the
  prompt below and live with a most probably very unstable development
  package ever after (until the next upgrade happens).

Hidden inside the text with the prompt changed to something like:
"Read the text above and do the Right Thing, or hit control-D:"

This is very evil UI design, but if you want to educate your users...
Ah, whatever. These are development packages anyway (-:

And Remember: Everybody would like to see package pools fix this.
Andreas Fuchs, <asf@acm.org>, <d96001@htlwrn.ac.at>, antifuchs

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