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Re: TrueType fonts without xfstt

When it comes to scalable fonts, mkfontdir doesn't know how to handle 
them, so all it does is copy the 'fonts.scale' file to fonts.dir - it's 
up to the user to create the fonts.scale file. However, there's utils to 
do it - there's one for Type1 fonts in Debian (can't remember the name 
sorry), and for TrueType fonts there's ttmkfdir (just search freshmeat 
for it). Maybe someone should package ttmkfdir? :)


On Sun, 8 Oct 2000, Christian Hammers wrote:

> Hi
> I still could not figure out how to enable my TrueType fonts (borrowed
> from M$ Windows) in the new X 4.0.1 (0phase2v8) without using the xfstt
> daemon.
> People told me that including the freetype and/or xtt module in the
> XF86Config should be enough but when just including freetype it says
> that there's no font.dir in the directory and mkfontdir doesn't like to
> create one, and when using xtt it does not complain but gtkfontsel (and
> others) still do not show up my fonts. 
> I also cannot find any real documentation for these both modules. Where
> is it? Are there any additional options that I can include in my
> XF86Config? Would upgrading to the very last phase12(?) be sufficient?
> thanks,
>  -christian-
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