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Re: Updated Debian XFree86 4.x mini-FAQ and status report

Hello Branden, Hello all,

>    Here is a list of issues that are delaying official Debian XFree86
>    packages:

  >    * The Mesa problem (specifically, the lack of libGLU.so) really
has to be
    >    sorted out upstream if Debian is going to have a sensible
handling of
    >    Mesa in our distribution.  Alternatively, I can stop shipping
the Mesa
    >    stuff altogether in the XFree86 packages until support is
ready, but
    >    this will pretty much leave DRI out of the picture.  I'd
    >    feedback on doing this.  The XFree86 versions of the Mesa and
    >    libraries can be added into woody at a later date without
causing any
    >    real disruption.  I'd appreciate feedback on the possibility of

    >    releasing 4.0.1-1 (or 4.0.2-1, or whatever) without the XFree86
    >    of Mesa.  What little feedback I've had so far indicates that
    >    would rather wait for upstream to resolve this, so that we ship
    >    with its own version of libGLU.

Please don't let DRI out of the picture. I´m waiting for XFree 4.0.x in
Debian-Woody because of the DRI support for my brand new Voodoo 4 Card.
I have installed phase2v12 debs and kernel 2.2.18pre11 and got working
DRI rendering after some fiddeling  (libs manually installed) with
glide3 and libGLU.so . This installion is on a 540MB MO Disk on top of a
fresh potato install. (Leaved my
Woody box untouched). My suggestion so far: Besides the manual
installation of some libs phase2v12 installs and work pretty good.
My guess: Many Debian User want powerfull 3D support in the next XFree86
debs and therefore
wants DRI support. If DRI is not supported most users can stick with
XFree 3.3.6.


R. Stallknecht

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