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strange looking fonts.

	I'm a long time unix user -- I've just recently installed
	debian on my home system, basically my problem boils down to
	fonts not looking "right" in X, where right is defined as to
	what I usually expect with my combination of software.

	I use twm and X everywhere, on solaris, bsd, linux -- debian is
	the first instance where the fonts have looked different, they
	seem to be oversized -- it happens on all applications, the
	fonts in netscape look bigger, in title bars. (I installed
	netsccape-4.75 from the usual sources, so it's not a netscape
	specific font problem).

	Has anyone else experienced this? Is it something to do with the
	Xserver itself? (I'm using the SVGA server for a riva tnt).
	Any suggestions, explanations would be appreciated.


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