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Re: xlibs 40.1-0phase2v13 break xawtv

* Robert Vollmert in "Re: xlibs 40.1-0phase2v13 break xawtv" dated
* 2000/10/11 14:45 wrote:

> > xawtv worked fine with the phase2 debs until the upgrade to version
> > 13. With version 13, various actions (such as using menus) caused
> > xawtv to crash with the message
> > 
> > Error: XtMakeGeometryRequest - parent not composite
> Hello,
> I just wanted to note that with v15 (I missed v14), this appears to
> have been fixed.

I just finished recompiling v15 under libc6 2.1.3 and this error still
shows up. Kernel: v2.2.17

really hacks

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