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Re: VSZ memory of X

Hmm. Just last night, I decided it was time to go to sleep once my X got
up to 192M of VSZ and 120M RSS. While quitting, my machine hung. :-/
Sysrq was good enough to sync and unmount, but not reboot. Oh well.

Has anyone else noticed strange memory use with recent phase2 .debs?

* Christian Hammers <ch@westend.com> [001022 10:57]:
> Hi
> My X uses 80M of VSZ but only 8M of RSS memory. The eight megabytes seams
> reasonably for an X server but why is the VSZ part so high? Does every
> program that runs under X request it from X and so raises X's memory 
> statistic?
> I'm asking because I have only 64M and trying to save every bit...
> bye,
>  -christian-
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