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Re: debian large fonts anti-aliasing

Both looks right, no fonsts before font server in fontpath, and
:noscale (that id different of :unscaled?). Im wondering if Im the only
with this problem, but that occurs at three pc's where i had installed
debian 2.2. Maybe some compilation option of xfs?

On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Seth Arnold wrote:

> Check you /etc/X11/XF86Config file. I bet you have references to the 75
> and 100 dpi fonts in your fontpath before the font server. Also try
> adding :noscale to the end of the 75dpi and 100dpi font directories.
> * Fabricio Matheus Goncalves <fmatheus@ime.unicamp.br> [001016 09:28]:
> > 
> > OS: Debian Gnu/Linux 2.2
> > 
> > Aplication: xfs (XFree86) 3.3.6-11
> > 
> > Problem: In redhat with the same XFree version (3.3.6) it can display nice
> > large fonts.
> > Now using debian that fonts show broken, a think that is missing
> > anti-aliasing, but i dont know.
> > When i point my debian X to use a redhat xfs running at another computer
> > all works fine.
> > So i try install redhat xfs using alien to convert package, but the result
> > is yet broken fonts.
> > Im very confuse, and didnt find any reference to this kind of throuble.

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