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Congrats/Thanks, and a question...?

I've been "lucky" recently to cease co-habiting my desk with an AMD
K6-2/350, and had that replaced with a new Dell 220 workstation (with
a GeForce-2 video card along with other marvelous features).

Reading the list (and reading the XFree lists) seemed to imply
non-support for this video card, except for through the CVS version of
XFree86 4.x.x; however, on "upgrading" to Branden's XFree86 4.0.1
debs, things look like they work "somewhat well" (I need to verify
font-settings, and seeing a new format for the XF86Config file, after
using the old one for nearly 8 years, was disorientating, but such is
progress and lack of time).

Should this indeed be so (support for GeForce-2 really exists)?  Or is
it that I've been lucky, and some of the bugs I'm seeing will improve?
(I'll report on them when I get the time to verify that they are
bugs or interaction problems rather than user idiocy).

But nevertheless, Wowso.  This is actually working, and was up and
running really simply (apt is worthy of worship, nevermind how much
hell it occassionally puts me through).


A.J. Rossini				Rsrch. Asst. Prof. of Biostatistics
BlindGlobe Networks (home/default)	rossini@blindglobe.net	
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FHCRC/SCHARP/HIV Vaccine Trials Net	rossini@scharp.org

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