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Re: Suggestion

On Mon, Oct 09, 2000 at 09:17:05AM -0600, Joshua Shagam wrote:
> It's not the compiled code which has to match between DRI and DRM,
> just the interface.  I'm using a DRM module compiled along with my
> 2.4.0-test8 kernel just fine with the precompiled mga.so and mga_dri.so
> which came in the X packages.  After all, it all goes through a /dev/
> interface - if the compilation had to match, then you'd have to recompile
> *all* your binaries whenever you recompile your kernel, and that makes
> absolutely no sense whatsoever.
> And since DRM is already distributed as part of the kernel, there's really
> no point in putting it in a separate package. :)

Thanks for the good counterargument.

I'm still apprehensive about moving *_dri.so out of /usr/X11R6/lib/modules.
If they aren't really X server modules, then they don't belong in that
directory (maybe /usr/lib/xlibmesa3 ?).  Should I ask upstream?

> > Also very interresting, the mesa package (xlibmesa3) must also be
> > "compileable" whitout 
> > compiling the whole X.
> Why?  xlibmesa3 is part of the X server.  It's based on Mesa, but it's not
> Mesa.

Well, actually it is.  It's just not generally the exact same version of
Mesa that the Mesa developers have released.  (That and the fact that the X
build doesn't create libGLU yet.)

> Isn't the current X server autodetection stuff good enough?

Actually, it isn't.  But I've written a program called "dexter" (which
replaces the old xserver-configure script) which does the prompting this
person wanted to see.

> I'm sure there'll eventually be (if there isn't already) XF86Setup for
> XFree 4, which will let people graphically mangle their conffiles once
> again...

Yes, xf86cfg, but it is not complete yet.

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