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Re: how to deal with nvidia driver/libs

On Thu, Oct 12, 2000 at 04:10:10AM +0200, Florian Friesdorf wrote:
> I diverted nv, because of xf86cfg failing to start, because of to conflicting
> drivers.

ahh, I went through the config with the stock drivers before even extracting
the nvidia stuff just to make sure the shipping defaults would at least get
me a usable display.  afterwards it was just a couple of tweaks in the
config file and nvidia's driver was humming along happily..

> Ok, then I will have a look at the packaging manual.

as a final note, the recipe I used to cook my stuff up was to start with:
for the -GLX package I started with debhelper (hadn't used it for any
personal packages yet and was curious about what it was like from an initial
packaging point of view) and used the ROOT variable in nvidia's Makefile to
install the necessary files in the debian/tmp dir .. added in the docs and
removed the _drv.o file from the dh_shlibdeps call .. after that was just
the standard stuff of filling out the control file and changelogs and such.
the second step was to create a framework for the module, my solution there
was to start with the source tree that device3dfx installs and use that
structure as the start of a sourcetree for the nvidia module component.
this way a 'make-kpkg kernel-image modules-image' builds everything
necessary and I don't hafta remember to go back out and build the module
seperately before rebooting..  

hopefully the notes above will help you and anybody else interested in
building custom .deb's for these drivers make your own packages..


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