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Re: x-terminal-emulator

On Mon, Oct 30, 2000 at 07:58:17PM -0600, sam th wrote:
> eterm supports both -e and -T.
> xterm ditto
> kterm ditto
> cxterm.common ditto
> the members of rxvt-ml
> 	krxvt
> 	grxvt
> 	crxvt
> 	crxvt-big5
> 	crxvt-gb
> all support both -e and -T
> xvt supports both -e and -T
> gnome-terminal supports -e and --title or -t, but not -T.  
> zterm (although I don't have a binary of this to check) claims to support
> - -e, but not -T (or any variants thereof).  This is a gnome widget, which
> forms the base for gnome-terminal.  

Thanks a lot for being less lazy than I, and checking this out.

Rather than squashing the -t option for these GNOME gizmos and replacing it
with -T, why don't just support -T as well?  I know, a couple more lines of
code, but it would be worth it.  I understand that upstream might bitch --
but this is free software, let's seize upon this option before they do
something incompatible with it.

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