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Re: [AKennedy@bursteinlabs.com: GeForce2 divers for XFree86 4.x/Debian]

On Sat, Oct 07, 2000 at 06:38:10PM -0700, Seth Arnold wrote:
> Yeah, me too.
> Andrew, your best and easiest bet is to see if nvidia has a tarball, or
> a single file, the way matrox does. It is very easy with matrox, and if
> they don't offer something so simple, then I suggest you write them, and
> ask them to try the matrox drivers. :)

well, the quick answer is that yes, nvidia does have tarballs available, and
they function quite nicely in conjunction with the debian packaged XFree 4.0
stuff.  the bit that Andrew seems to be asking after is the kernel module
part of things.  since he's using an smp system I'm guessing he's already
got a custom kernel compiled to take advantage of it, and as such the module
would likely need to be built on his own system (or at the very least using a
configured source tree setup with the same options).  

what I've done for my own setup is made a quick hack of a package for the gl
libraries to satisfy dependency issues without needing dpkg-divert nastiness
all over the place, another for the server module binaries needed, and made
a quick tarball of a directory which can be dropped into the
/usr/src/modules dir to compile the nvidia kernel module into its own
package in conjunction with make-kpkg invocations (got tired of forgetting
to install it before rebooting a new kernel and having to ssh in from
another box to get things in proper working order again).  I based all of
that structure off of the device-3dfx source setup, very quick adaptation
and it really should be cleaned up some before I consider giving it out or
making a proper package from it (for instance it currently assumes later 2.4
kernel module paths to install in, since that's all I run on the game box).
I haven't looked over the licensing terms for all the aforementioned items
as I really hadn't intended on them going any farther than my own network.

If there is sufficient demand for such I'll see about getting an "installer"
type of package put together if necessary that can create these components
from the tarballs (something I've been considering for my own convenience
anyway, but new releases are fairly rare) if the licensing is too
restrictive (which I've a feeling it probably is).

Andrew, in the meantime, can you give me/us some more details about the
steps you've taken in attempting to set up the nvidia drivers on your
system, and also your kernel setup.  Note that you may need to set the
SYSINCLUDE variable I think it was to point to your kernel source tree
location so that the nvidia module will have the right headers available for
it, that's the only thing I needed to do when I first set the drivers up out
of the tarballs.


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