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Re: x-terminal-emulator

On Mon, Oct 30, 2000 at 08:26:28PM -0600, sam th wrote:
> > 4) Maybe, *maybe* we should require -ls (login shell) support, but even that
> > is pushing it, I think.
> To follow up on my earlier research:
> xterm, rxvt, kterm, [g,k,c]rxvt, gnome-terminal, Eterm
> all support 1, 2, 3, 4
> but with wildly differing options:
> - -ls : xvt, xterm, kterm, *rxvt
> - --login : Eterm, gnome-terminal
> - --loginShell : *rxvt
> curiously, -ls is supported on Eterm, and does the right thing, but only
> because -l is --login, and -s is turn on the scrollbar, which is the
> default.  However, relying on that is probably a mistake.  

There probably wouldn't be any problem with an option for the login shell if
it used only one letter, or several letters but with two dashes. AFAICT
things using newer getopt stuff can't implement any -??* options, they'll
try to interpret each letter as a separate option... :|

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