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Re: xmessage

This same "resize and it appears" behaviour is on RedHat 7, at least
so I've heard from the RedHat developers I know.  Seemingly there's a
fix in the XFree CVS in file ".../xc/programs/xmessage/makeform.c"
between v1.4 and v1.5 for this very problem.


  >>>>> "Torbjörn" == Torbjörn Andersson <torbjorn@dev.eurotime.se>

    Torbjörn> Frank Belew wrote:
    >> The problem is that when I did "xmessage -f
    >> /path/to/messagefile" it showed no real text, just an empty
    >> white box, and an Ok button.

    Torbjörn> Stupid question, perhaps, but is the box still empty if
    Torbjörn> you increase the size of the window? I've only used
    Torbjörn> xmessage for one-liners, but ever since I started using
    Torbjörn> XFree86 4.0.1 I had to resize the xmessage window to be
    Torbjörn> at least one pixel taller than it is by default, or the
    Torbjörn> text area would appear as just an empty box.

    Torbjörn> This happenes both with the Debian packages, and with
    Torbjörn> the version I compiled myself when 4.0.1 was first
    Torbjörn> released. It would be interesting to know if it happens
    Torbjörn> to anyone else or if I'm the only one seeing it.  (I
    Torbjörn> tried reporting it upstreams but I so far I haven't
    Torbjörn> heard anything about it.)


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