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X4, thinkpad 600x and odd font rendering

I have a thinkpad 600x, I'm running the 4.0 phase2v17 .debs from samosa,
and I have a wierd font problem:

Fonts are drawn correctly _except_ when they're being edited.  Any line
that is being edited is almost illegible;  it looks as if parts of the
letters overlap each other, or mask each other, like somoeone's made a
collage by cutting out little pieces of paper and pasting them back
together carelessly.

E.g., in an xterm running bash, the lines above the bottom are fine, but
editing the bottom line results in a jumbled mess.  Once I hit enter, and
it scrolls up a line, that line is fine, and the new command line becomes
a wreck as soon as I start typing.

In /etc/X11/XF86Config-4,  I have this:

Section "Files"
	FontPath "unix/locahost:7100"

and my /etc/X11/fs/config has this:

catalogue =

and it looks like this is using the neomagic driver.

					Any clues?



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