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Re: TrueType fonts without xfstt


On Mon, 09.10.00 01:09 +1100, Leigh Thomas DYER wrote:
> and for TrueType fonts there's ttmkfdir (just search freshmeat 
> for it). Maybe someone should package ttmkfdir? :)
Thanks for that hint, ttmkfdir was the right thing to use.

Branden, can you include this into the new X server and maybe even give
a short hint how to use it in somewhere in /usr/share/doc.
The license is no problem, it's copyrighted by "The XFree86 Project" and
written by Joerg Pommnitz (given email is invalid).



P.S.: I found a ttf2t1 converter, too but I guess I gain nothing by
      converting the fonts to adobes postscript font formats, or?
       Real programmers confuse Christmas and Halloween,
		  because Dec 25 = Oct 31 !!!

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