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Re: Questions about r128 server

* Joshua Shagam <joshagam@cs.nmsu.edu> [001027 14:32]:
> The magic thingy you need is in your XF86Config file, add
> Option "DPMS" "on"
> to your Monitor section.

While this is nicely documented in the XF86Config manpage, it won't
solve the original author's question. I suggest to the original author
(whose name I have trimmed without thinking) that the post should be
directed towards xpert@xfree86.org. It is a driver-level question,
beyond the intents of the debian-x list (the debian packaging of X4) --
I don't mind these questions coming up on this list, mainly since
*someone* in debian needs to know some of the wierdness of X4 in order
to help the other users (on debian-user) in the near future. But, I
think it is now obvious this list doesn't know why the OP cannot get
their Dell to go to DPMS mode, when the DPMS option is on, and xset dpms
is used to tell it to go to sleep. :(

OP -- two last thoughts: try xset dpms 10 0 0 as well as xset dpms 0 10
0 and xset dpms 0 0 10. Maybe the dell screen just doesn't understand
one or more of the sleep states. Or, try checking the source code for
your driver modules. Maybe they documented in there their choices.

Best of luck.

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