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"Service restarts being deferred" Re: 780 files in /usr/share/zoneinfo/ FW:Kamal Ali Mohamed Re: Release status of i386 for Bullseye and long term support for 3 years? Re: QEMU-KVM VMs sometime freeze when I run them for a couple of days Re: [Emc-users] buster warning [OT] Re: Guest Samba shares [SOLVED] python3.9 venv testing error message acpi bios error: could not resolve symbol in Tuxedo Aura 15 adding a disk to a Volume group Re: Advice on laptop with USB-C port and USB-Type C Multipoint Adapter (and VGA) ALSA bug? Laptop headphone output depending on speaker channel setting Re: AMD GPU ^H^H^HSea Southern Islands Problem AMD GPU Sea Islands Problem Re:Re: AMD Sea Islands GPU unusable Apt dependencies Apt source for Bonesca Pricelist December 2020 Bug#977358: release-notes: document how to make the rescue mode usable if no root password is set (buster) bullseye: GNOME, Thunderbird, font styles? Bullseye: setting and using $DISPLAY after su - caja-admin not working in Bullseye Mate Can't print to CUPS printer on my server Can't print: /var/spool/lpd cherrytree is available again, now in testing !THANK YOU! chromecast: no audio when casting screen, works with tab CIFS share hangs on Debian Cloud-init in Debian command file location Confirm your subscription for SoulwaterProductions Cron Jobs and Time Zones Has Anything Changed? ctrl+shift has stopped working in the last 36 hours Debian 10 64bit Debian 10 Buster - difficulty setting up mariaDB 10.3.27 users for use with Debian mediawiki 1.31 package Debian 10 doing WEIRD THINGS Debian 8 system is not fully functional Discussion about backup passwords for LUKS encrypted filesystems before revising wiki doing this does not make touchpad work Electron apps in Debian with --no-sandbox Emergency mode when root account locked Entregas 24 a 48 Horas: Pruebas Nasofaringeas exporting display like Firefox 78.5.0esr Firefox extensions keep disappearing Re: Fixing a Grub Foul-up Re: Fixing a Grub Foul-up Solved! Forget it, user error (was: Re: pinentry-{qt,gtk2,gnome3} stopped working pinentry-fltk works, why?) from john hung banh maybe useful info Future of X, fvwm and wayland Good tutorial on how to setup Gnome and KDE on the same machine? Graphical environment; was, Re: Instructions for command line usage of WiFi. Re: graphical session in LXC automatically started at boot and reachable via VNC/RDP/X2GO graphical session in LXC automatically started at boot and reachable via VNC/RDP/X2GO Guest Samba shares HEADSUP: systemd now defaults to cgroupsv2 Help with install on old Mac i386 debian to 64bit intel i386 on 64bit intel ??change to 64bit Debian????? Ikiwiki on Debian Installation instructions. Ipv6, but no Ipv4 after reboot Label printer Debian compatible leapsecond file ('/usr/share/zoneinfo/leap-seconds.list'): will expire in less than 27 days Linux Installation - MacBook Air 2020 Loadbearing services Major testing issues May I please have a block cursor in nano? mdadm usage Migrating LVM volumes to a new machine Minitube in the stable branch Mjuqbvlg ookapvc MX-Linux Patito Feo 19.3 MY crontab ain't me! The last update was on 00:00 GMT Fri Jan 01. There are 1010 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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