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Re: Installation instructions.

On Fri 04 Dec 2020 at 07:20:19 +1100, David wrote:


> I think this is an area that possibly needs some investigation or
> improvement. I would like to know how this ISO search is being done
> and what is the reason for the failure (and why can't I just specify
> the ISO I want to use, no compulsory search!). However I've not spent

Preseeding paramters on the linux line may be used to specify where the
ISO resides:


> That's why I asked exactly which files you are using. It's good that

You certainly did ask that earlier:
 > 2) Given that choice (para 2 or 3), where did you get the vmlinuz and
 > initrd.gz you are using?

The response from the OP was

     > vmlinuz and initrd.gz are in the .iso. No need to retrieve again.

This will almost certainly lead to a failure to discover and mount the
ISO. BootFromISOinHD.jpg (provided by the OP) provides confirmation of
this assertion.


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