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Re: i386 debian to 64bit intel


install 64bit over 32 is a bit tricky.
If you have a separate /home partion you do not need to backup your data
but it is always recommented.

When you have a backup of your data I would recomment to use LVM and
create lv's not to large, they can grow online.

LVM is a more flexeble way to manage your disk space then "classic"
partition layout.

Best Regards

Am 03.12.20 um 23:39 schrieb Jerry Mellon:
> Hi,
> I am new to linux and made the mistake of loading the i386 Debian
> release 10 onto my 64bit intel system. I now want to put the 64bit
> version for intel on the system. 
> Do I have to backup the data I have in my $HOME directory to load after
> loading the 64bit version or can I in someway just load the the OS over
> the i386 OS and retain the $HOME contents?????
> Jerry
> jfmellon@netscape.net
> I am a user on the lists.
> Thanks for your attention to this.

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