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Graphical environment; was, Re: Instructions for command line usage of WiFi.

From: Wim <factotum_muth@web.de>
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2020 20:14:05 +0100
> ... Sway, a Wayland compositor is now available in Sid. It's a drop 
> in replacement for i3wm. Works very well.

Debian 10 here.  Since 2000 I've jumped to "testing" twice.  In both 
cases problems surfaced.  After the second foray I resolved to refrain 
from "testing" except for a spare machine not in regular use.  

In mid-November I started Weston.  In the first five or ten minutes it 
was useable with brief delays noticeable when Xwayland was required.  
Then artifacts appeared.  Closed a window and artifacts remained in 
the display.  Rapid flashing of patches of display associated with 
pointer movement. So not useable in 10. 

Definitely I'll be trying again in 11.

Thanks,                                     ... P.

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