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Re: AMD GPU Sea Islands Problem

Guyenne Tsui composed on 2020-12-26 21:37 (UTC):

> Felix Miata wrote:

>> I don't remember seeing that one before. Radeon Dynamic Power Management.
>> Nice you found it!

> Should I file a bug? I mean it may be a problem with dpm or a 
> compatibility issue that users have to figure it out themselves?

It might turn out to be pointless. Users of older hardware, particularly Southern
Islands and Sea Islands users, seem to get short shrifted with disappointing
frequency by developers. I saw some talk a while back about removing GCN1
(Southern Islands) and GCN2 (Sea Islands) support from the AMDGPU DDX. I'm not
sure what you encountered could be termed a bug. Of course if you don't, there's a
good chance it would never be noticed by any developer.
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